Fairfax Police Youth Club

Lacrosse FAQs

Lacrosse FAQs


Q1. What is the Little Scoopers program?
A1. FPYC Lacrosse Little Scoopers is a program for preschool to kindergarten girls and boys.  The Little Scoopers meet once a week (usually Saturday afternoons) for a fun filled hour playing silly games that introduce the basic skills in lacrosse.  This is an ideal program for children not quite ready for team play but ready for lacrosse!

Q2. Where do we practice and we play games?
A2. Our main practice facility should be Turf Field #1 at Oak Marr Rec Center. Some teams may also practice at Providence Park in Fairfax City. Our home games should also be scheduled at Oak Marr. Away games will be at other venues throughout Northern Virginia.


Q3. What age group will my son/daughter play with?
A3. Please see the age guidelines section on the FPYC Lacrosse website to your left.


Q4. My son/daughter is in another age group but would like to play in a different age group, is this possible?
A4. Although it is not a recommended practice, we will evaluate a players ability to play “up” at another age group. Under no circumstances may they play “down” an age group.


Q5. Why do I have to submit a Player Waiver to play with FPYC if my residence is not zoned for Fairfax, Oakton, or Woodson High Schools?
A5. NVYLL Operational Rules & Regulations require that a player who resides in a certain high school district be assigned to play with certain clubs that are in the same geographic proximity of those high schools. If a player wishes to play with another club then he/she needs to submit a waiver to through the gaining/losing club to the NVYLL.


Q6. With few exceptions, in the past FPYC has not fielded competitive teams and my son/daughter has been discouraged. Why is this?
A6. NVYLL League Operational Rules and Regulations determine which Team Matrix an age group will play in based on the size of the club. Because FPYC is one of the smaller clubs in the NVYLL, if FPYC only has one team in an age group then they are required to play in the A bracket. In the past, FPYC has pursued waivers with the NVYLL for many of our teams to play in a lower Team Matrix (i.e. a B Division) and we anticipate doing the same again this year.


Q7. My child is smaller than other children his/her age, may my child play “down” an age group or my child is a more advanced player than children his/her age, may my child play “up” an age group?
A7. Under no circumstances may a youth player play “down” an age group.  We do not encourage or like it when a player plays “up” an age group for a variety of reasons.  The main reason is safety.  If there are special circumstances why you think your child should play “up,” then the final decision will be made by the Director of FPYC Lacrosse.